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About Colin Kentish

06 December 2017 - Lotte passed with only 2 minor driving faults! Well done Lotte, that was an excellent result....

06 December 2017 - Lotte passed with only 2 minor driving faults! Well done Lotte, that was an excellent result....

Lotte Holder

Hello, my name is Colin Kentish; I´m a friendly, patient and reliable Government Approved (DVSA) Driving Instructor. In October 2015, I achieved Grade ´A´ status which is the highest grade that a fully qualified Driving Instructor can attain.

I offer high quality, professional, driving lessons for learners of all ages and abilities in and around the Tonbridge & Sevenoaks area´s.

I also offer Part 2 & Part 3 Instructor training courses for Potential Driving Instructors (PDI´s)

So, whether you´re a complete novice, or if you´ve already taken some lessons, I can help you learn the driving skills required not just to pass your practical test but to ensure ´Safe Driving for Life´.

You would be driving a new Ford Fiesta 1.5 litre diesel car with manual transmission. I´m really sorry, but I´m unable to offer driving lessons in a car with automatic transmission!

I´m extremely proud of my consistently high pass rate which at 31st July 2018 was running at 90% (based on results from the last 20 driving tests) The national average pass rate is only 46%

Also, I really appreciate the positive reviews that I´ve received from former students which can be viewed by clicking the ´Testimonials´ section of the main menu.

Already passed? Well, there are other options available, including ´Pass-Plus´, refresher & motorway lessons, all aimed at developing your driving skills further, improving safety and building confidence.

If you would like more information or would like to arrange an appointment, please call 07786 101170 or complete and send the enquiry ´Contact form´. I will try to answer your enquiry as quickly as possible. But, I will definitely get back to you within 24 hours (Unless I´m away on holiday!).

Please note, due to the increasingly high number of scam or sales calls that I receive, I will not answer calls that display ´Unknown´ or ´Private Number´ so please leave a message if your call is not answered!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,


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Kate Hair

Passed 1st Time

Thank you Colin for teaching me how to drive safely and pass first time! Colin is a highly professional Instructor, friendly, supportive and encouraging for all learners, whether it´s your first or tenth lesson. Most of all, Colin´s explanations and demonstrations have been so clear from start to finish which really helped with my progress. I will certainly be recommending your service to friends and family. Thanks again, Kate Hair

Adam McGroarty

Passed 1st Time

I would just like to say thank you very much for the past 6 months that you have taught me. You have been very patient with me and have given me some brilliant advice that I will always use. I will be thoroughly recommending you to any of my friends or family. If you still offer lessons then you may have my little brother in a few years to come! Thanks very much, Adam

Fiona Wright

Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much for teaching me to drive! I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it... maybe with the exception of Emergency Stop! I can´t wait to get out on the road! I will be in touch soon to organise George´s lessons with you! Wishing you all the best for 2018

Many thanks, Fiona

Luke Ibbotson

Passed 1st Time

Thanks for everything you have done and for being a brilliant Driving Instructor! Luke

Feargal McGuinness

Passed 1st Time

I am very pleased to recommend Colin as a driving instructor. He was always professional and clear in his advice and took care that I kept learning from week to week. Thank you Colin!

Frankie Unlu

Passed 1st Time

´Colin is an extremely patient and calm instructor. He made my driving lessons really enjoyable and immediately put me at ease. He not only teaches you to pass the test but also helps you gain the confidence and skills needed to be on the road. I had a brilliant experience being instructed by Colin and I have and will continue to, reccomend him to friends and family for many years to come.´

Best wishes for everything in the future.


Isabelle Stevens

Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much for all of the help. I couldn´t have done it without you! See you on the road! Isabelle

Alex Davison

Colin has been the best Driving Instructor I could have asked for. I am sure that I would not have enjoyed learning to drive half as much with anyone else. He was always amazingly calm and explained everything clearly and patiently as many times as I needed to hear it!

Thank you so much, Alex

Becky Raybone

Colin was recommended by a friend and has been a brilliant Driving Instructor. I was a complete beginner and very nervous about driving, and despite taking a long time to get the hang of it, Colin was always patient and encouraging. I doubted that I would ever be able to drive but passed my test in the end thanks to Colin´s excellent teaching! Thanks for teaching me.


Lizzie Fox

Passed 1st Time

Colin is a very patient teacher, and he is not flustered when I get worried or stressed about anything. He teaches very clearly and covers all the important skills thoroughly, and so I felt much less scared on the test day than I might have done. It´s been a pleasure learning from you. Thank you! Lizzie

Tom Pollington

Colin, thanks again for being my Driving Instructor over the past 10 months. Your help has been exceptional and I shall definitely recommend you to others! All the best, Tom

Eva Gaszewska

Passed 1st Time

After extensive research and reading many reviews, I have come across Colin Kentish and could not have been happier with my choice. Colin is a superior Instructor, he is very patient, professional and always on time. I highly recommend him. Thanks again Colin!

Issy Wolfe

Passed 1st Time

Before getting into Colin´s car I had never driven so I was very nervous, he calmed my nerves immediately. I can´t thank him enough for his help and patience and would recommend him to anyone. Issy

Roisin McEwen

Passed 1st Time

After starting off as quite a nervous driver, Colin managed to put my nerves at ease and helped me to pass my test first time with only 2 minors! I can´t thank Colin enough for all his help to finally get me driving. Would definitely recommend! Thanks Again, Roisin

Emily Harle

Passed 1st Time

A huge thank you to Colin Kentish, for teaching me clearly how to drive whilst putting up with my stressing! He was so patient and I would highly recommend him. A fantastic Instructor. Emily

Joe Caisley

Passed 1st Time

Thanks so much Colin for all your patience in teaching me to drive. So glad it was a first time pass. I´d be sure to recommend you again and again!!! Joe

Michaela Pugh

Passed 1st Time

Colin has been a fantastic Instructor. He is very patient, friendly and clear. I would definitely recommend him to others. Thanks again for all your help! Michaela

Jane Sedge

I´ve had many attempts to pass a test and failed due to being a bag of nerves. Colin was recommended to me as someone with a lot of success with difficult cases! He calmed me down, built up my confidence and never gave up. I can´t believe I can drive at last at I won´t say what advanced age. Watch out world. Many, many thanks again, Colin. It´s been a pleasure knowing you. Jane

Alastair McKenzie

Passed 1st Time

Colin was clear, patient and encouraging throughout and I would definitely recommend him to others. Thank you for getting me through my test first time. Alastair

Michael Barnes

Passed 1st Time

Thanks again for all your hard work on getting me passed! Michael

Nigel Ma

Passed 1st Time

Many thanks to Colin for being a great Instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning with him and would 100% recommend him. thanks again, Nigel

Daniel Woolston

Passed 1st Time

I just wanted to say thanks again for all your assistance. It was a pleasure working with you and I thoroughly enjoyed our time. I will be more than happy to recommend you. All the very best, Daniel

Kiri Marsh

Colin is a fantastic and professional Instructor. His friendly and patient qualities really helped to develop my confidence on the roads! I would highly recommend him! Thank you for all your help. Kiri

Rose Bradshaw

Colin, thanks for being such a patient and supportive teacher. Rose

John Winchester

Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much. From day one Colin´s friendly nature and patience put me at ease behind the wheel. He knew my capabilities and gave me the confidence to take on new situations in every lesson. Come test day I felt prepared for anything that could happen and it was all down to Colin. I could not recommend him highly enough for anyone looking to start driving! All the best, John

Chloe Bensted

I had two Instructors before learning with Colin he was the best by far. Thank you so much for your help and patience and the way that you explained things to me in a way that I could understand. You made me feel confident in my driving and I wouldn´t hesitate to recommend you to anyone learning to drive. Chloe

Livi Gowie

Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much for all your patience Colin! You made learning to drive an extremely enjoyable experience. Colin gave me the confidence to go into the test knowing exactly what to expect and pass first time! After teaching me, my brother and my sister to drive, I would definitely recommend Colin to anyone. Thank you again, Livi

Amanda Turner

Passed 1st Time

Thank you Colin for a very enjoyable training experience! You were so calm and supportive throughout each lesson, and I felt adequately prepared on test day because of your valuable advice. I would highly recommend Colin to any learner looking for a cheerful, reliable Driving Instructor. Amanda

Sarah Bedford

Passed 1st Time

Colin is a calm, patient and professional Driving Instructor. Colin was highly recommended by a friend whom had taken lessons with him as well and passed her test. I would not hesitate to recommend Colin to others as he is an excellent teacher. Thank you so much. Sarah

George Bourne

Passed 1st Time

Thank you Colin for giving up your Sunday´s to teach me. Without your patient teaching I wouldn´t have passed first time. I will recommend you to any friend who is looking for an Instructor. Thanks again, George

Emily Rye

Passed 1st Time

Thank you Colin for your excellent teaching, enjoyable lessons and professionalism. I wouldn´t have passed first time without you! I will certainly be recommending you to friends and family, Thank you again! Emily

Sarah Kew

Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much Colin, I very much enjoyed having you as my Driving Instructor. You were very patient and calm with me, even when you had to repeat yourself multiple times. You made driving a fun experience. I will be sure to give your card to everyone I know who is looking to learn to drive. Sarah

Jessica French

Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much Colin! I thoroughly enjoyed having you as my Driving Instructor. You were always really good at explaining things to me. You were very friendly and patient and you were always on time. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking to start learning to drive. Jess

Will Nolan

Thank you Colin. You were very patient and taught me well. I owe my pass in no small part to your teaching. I will recommend you anyone in the area looking to learn how to drive. Will

Alexandra Reed

Passed 1st Time

Thanks very much Colin for the considerable patience you showed both me and my brother Andrew. You must have nerves of steel! Only seven years until our sister can start learning to drive. She will definitely be in touch for lessons! Highly recommended. Alex

Ellen Willumsen - (2 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much Colin for all your patience and expertise in teaching me to drive and enabling me to pass my test! I thoroughly enjoyed all my lessons with you, and will be recommending you to all my friends. Many thanks, Ellen

Nigel Pak - (3 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Thank you, Colin, for being such a great instructor. You are one of the most reliable people I know in terms of punctuality, and your speed of reply via text was astounding. Your calm and gentle demeanour as well as thorough knowledge of everything to do with driving was also exemplary. All these factors have contributed to the desired ´pass´ first time round! My experience with you could not have been better, and I remember thinking ´this is what customer service should be like´. I fully recommend anybody who is looking for somebody to learn with, or just to brush up some skills with, to do it with you. Nigel

Eloise Robson - (Zero faults!!)

Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much Colin for your patience and calmness over the past few months. You had much more faith in me than I had in myself much of the time, and I honestly couldn´t have asked for a better learning experience! El

James Vigis - (7 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Thanks Colin for all the help you gave me, it was very much appreciated and I will be recommending you to others. James

Kathryn Reay - (4 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Thank you for everything you have done for me Colin. You were very patient and calm at many times I wasn´t. So happy I passed first time with your help. Best wishes, Kathryn

Katherine Walkling - (7 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Thank you for tolerating my madness and teaching me to be an excellent motorist. Colin is a really good teacher, would 100% recommend. Katherine

Jamie Colson

Thank you very much for helping me learn to drive and pass my test. You were very patient with me, giving calm and clear instructions. Although it took a while, I got there in the end. Thanks, Jamie

Tom Roundhill - (5 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Thank you very much Colin for an enjoyable learning experience! I will be recommending you to friends and family due to your calmness in sticky situations and your friendliness. Thanks again Colin

Alice Walsh - (2 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Hi Colin, thank you so much for your help. You really are an excellent Instructor because of your calmness, patience, and clarity of instructions as well as truly thorough knowledge. I would recommend you to anybody. Thank you so much! Alice

Zoe Wellbelove

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and patience whilst teaching me how to drive. I am definitely a better driver for it, both from an increase in confidence and a greater understanding thanks to your clear explanations. I can now see myself enjoying driving which a few weeks ago seemed impossible. Thanks again for all your help, Zoe

Katie Lobley

Passed!! Thank you so much for all your help! Katie

Chloe Maher - (2 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Thank you Colin, I couldn´t have had a better instructor! Chloe

Hannah Lowe - (4 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Thank you Colin, you helped me so much with learning to drive. You were a great Instructor. Thanks again. Hannah

Sophie Boiling - (4 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Thanks Colin, I couldn´t have done it without you. Sophie

Medet Ali - (4 minors)

Passed 1st Time

I found Colin to be an extremely good teacher despite my many (unintentional) efforts to prove otherwise! He was diligent throughout the process and especially when it came to preparing me for the driving test. I passed first time, what more can I say?

Thanks again Colin, Medet

Weng Lucken - (4 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Many thanks again Colin for helping me pass my test 1st time. You are always patient, give clear instructions and I´m very glad I chose you to be my Instructor! I´ll make sure to pass your reference to anyone I know who wants to learn to drive. Weng

Simon Funnell - (Zero faults!!)

Passed 1st Time

I would recommend Colin to anyone. He is patient, kind and always helpful. Thank you for helping me achieve a great result!!! Simon

Hannah Willans - (3 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Thank you for making me a confident driver and teaching me a skill that I will value for a long time. I will gladly recommend you to anyone who asks. Thanks again for being a brilliant Instructor! I really valued your helping me passing first time. Thanks again. Hannah

Tom Hordle - (1 minor)

Passed 1st Time

Many thanks Colin, you really were a brilliant Instructor! I will make sure that I recommend you to whoever asks for a Driving Instructor. Thanks Again, Tom

Matthew Shinn

I feel a confident and safe driver thanks to all the help Colin gave me. The lessons were enjoyable and I felt like I was making progress throughout. I will recommend Colin to my friends and anybody wanting to learn to drive! Thanks Colin!

Tracey May - (4 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Anyone that can teach me to drive is an amazing teacher! Colin has the patience of a saint and he never gave up on me I can´t recommend him highly enough. Thanks Colin, you´re a star! Tracey

Bronnie Lambert

Thank you very much Colin for all your patience with me and all your help. Bronnie

Jacob Lowe

Thanks for teaching me Colin, you are a great teacher. Jacob

James Hutchinson - (4 minors)

Passed 1st Time

I just wanted to say thanks again! You have been a great teacher for our duration, and I will certainly suggest you to anyone local seeking lessons! James

Victoria Bishop - (1 minor)

Passed 1st Time

Thanks Colin, I´m so grateful for all the help you´ve given me and I´ll definitely be recommending you to people!

Lesley MacIntosh

I started driving 2 years ago in Maidstone and then moved back to Kemsing where I needed to find a new instructor! I was pointed in the direction of one instructor who passed my details onto Colin.

Colin is a very kind and patient person and from day 1 he has made me feel comfortable and not afraid to make mistakes! Even when I let my nerves get the better of me and failed my test twice Colin was determined that I was going to pass. Thanks again for everything Colin, I am a lot more confident and have successfully been out driving on my own. I would most definitely recommend you to others.

Thanks for everything


Mark Dayman

Thanks again for all the instruction you gave me to help me pass. You made the lessons really easy to learn and I made so much progress! Thanks again and good luck for the future, Mark

Connor Skillen - (6 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Colin was very reliable, friendly and I wouldn´t hesitate in recommending him to anyone. He was very patient, made me feel relaxed during my lessons and well-prepared for my test. Thanks Colin.

Lyndsey Neale - (4 minors)

Passed 1st Time

I wish to thank Colin for his patience and excellent teaching. I would recommend this driving school to anyone.

Thank you for all your help,


Dave Dullage

Thanks Colin for being as patient and good natured during this learning process as you have been.

I couldn´t have asked for a better instructor and now I have passed it feels weird not having you next to me!

I wish you the best of luck with everything in the future, and I will continue to recommend you for many years to come. Thank you, Dave

Emily Wetz - (1 minor)

Passed 1st Time

Thanks Colin! I had a really great time learning to drive, and can´t believe I passed!

Great instruction, thanks again Emily

Chloe Payne - (4 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much for helping me pass I couldn´t have done it without your help!

I had my first drive alone to college today and it went well,

Thanks again


Hannah Hordle - (2 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Colin was a wonderful instructor and I´m pretty sure I wouldn´t have enjoyed my lessons as much as I did if I had had someone else teaching me. He was so patient, even when I made mistakes, and I felt myself progressing every lesson, which really improved my confidence. Everyone should be taught by Colin Kentish

Richard Vigis - (5 minors)

Passed 1st Time

I started out as a complete beginner which was very daunting but Colin was brilliant at building my confidence up and I progressed really well with him. He was very friendly and patient, and was really clear when explaining new things which makes learning to drive so much easier. Thanks very much Colin, I will be recommending you to everyone I know!

Billy Yates

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping me pass my test and I will be recommending you to all my mates. Thanks, Billy

Bradley Green - (5 minors)

Passed 1st Time

I am so glad that I passed my driving test first time! I couldn´t have done it without Colin´s great teaching techniques and patience.

I have been learning with Colin since January 2011 and passed first time in August. I had previously been learning with another instructor from May 2010 to December 2010, however I was not progressing and became a very nervous driver, so a friend recommended Colin.

After only a few lessons with Colin my confidence increased and I started to believe in myself. With Colin´s encouragement, patience and teaching techniques I was able to overcome the fear of my test and pass first time with only 6 minors!

I would definitely recommend Colin to anyone! Thank you Colin!

Charlotte Tytler - (2 minors)

Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much Colin! Thank you for putting up with my stalling, speeding and lack of observations! Ha, ha, See you around, Charlotte x

Rachael Ludbrook

Passed 1st Time

Colin was a fantastic teacher, really patient, and encouraging, and helped to calm my nerves about reversing manoeuvres! He instilled the confidence I needed to pass my test first time!

Viktorija Pociene

I cannot believe I have a driving licence. My dreams came true. Colin´s help, encouragement, patience, support and understanding helped to achieve this. Colin is a fantastic teacher. I am so grateful for him. God bless you.

Laura Branch

Passed 1st Time

Colin was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad that I took his advice.

I was really eager to learn to drive as soon as possible and began lessons on my 17th birthday.

Colin was incredibly patient and encouraging and helped with everything that I needed. Whenever I had a bad fault Colin would just help me get through it patiently and that´s what made it good and fun to learn to drive.

He helped me pick it up really quickly and I am so grateful!

If anyone is looking for a driving instructor to learn to drive, I would definitely recommend Colin to anyone! I seriously cannot thank him enough. Passing with just 2 minors was just great, and I wouldn´t have been able to do it without Colin´s encouragement.

Chloe Boiling

Passed 1st Time

´Colin was recommended through a friend, and I´m so glad I took her advice!

I was really eager to learn to drive as soon as possible, and began lessons on my 17th birthday.

From the start, Colin was incredibly patient and encouraging, and he helped me pick it up really quickly.

I have had the best time with Colin over the past few months, and he has taught me such a valuable life skill, I am so grateful!

I would recommend Colin to anyone! I cannot thank him enough!´

Jack Brewster

Passed 1st Time

"Colin is perhaps the most patient person I know. His explanations are clear and easy to understand and he makes the whole learning experience extremely pleasant and enjoyable. My gratitude towards him for teaching me to drive cannot be overstated."

Thanks once again for teaching me to drive.


David Milner

Passed 1st Time

Colin stands out among instructors for being a supremely friendly and calming influence. He has the patience of an angel but equally knows when to apply the right pressure to get results. I passed first time with Colin in difficult circumstances (living abroad) so you can too!

Nikki Daniels

Passed 1st Time

Thank you for your help and support with my lessons and driving test. You are an excellent driving instructor, thanks again for helping me pass my test first time! Nikki

Craig Ward

Passed 1st Time

I just want to say thanks for all your help and its some credit to yourself that I managed to pass first time with less than 30 hours driving experience! Colin is very relaxed, calm and confident. He calms you down and helped me personally to achieve my best potential. Thanks Colin I´d recommend you to anyone!

Sophy Monk

Passed 1st Time

I just wanted to say another big thank you for helping me to pass today! The feeling is completely invaluable.

You were definitely the best Instructor I´ve had (and I´ve had about 8 over the years!) so thank you for your patience and excellent instruction.

I´ve already passed your details onto some non-driving friends of mine!


Lara Kottsieper

Passed 1st Time

From the time when I stalled numerous times due to awful clutch control, to when I sailed past that same initial roundabout in my test, Colin has been there all the way. My driving improved in leaps and bounds, and I´m so glad to have had such a nice and friendly driving instructor. Our lessons, fitted perfectly into my timetable, flew by and I almost wish I could still be taking them! Thanks for everything!

Jamie Shield

Passed 1st Time

I was extremely nervous about learning to drive to the extent that my foot would tremble on the pedals, but Colin built my confidence with a very friendly and encouraging approach to teaching. He never failed to give useful advice which helped me to improve my skills. Having somebody as friendly and chatty as Colin definitely helped me to relax and filled me with confidence going into my test. I would happily recommend Colin to anybody I know and I certainly intend to do so. Thanks a lot.

Keeley Molloy

Passed 1st Time

I was really worried about starting to drive, but Colin was brilliant.

He calmed me down a lot and with friendly chat and step by step instructions he built up my confidence.

The lessons were always enjoyable and he would do what he could to fit them around my schedule.

We had a lot of laughs and he would always find great amusement at my impatience and sound effects as I was driving!

On my test day, as expected, I was incredibly nervous but he managed to calm me down yet again, and just helped me take my time and take each hurdle as it came.

I managed to pass my test first time with just 7 minors.

I would definitely recommend Colin to anyone! He was fantastic and I couldn´t have done it without him!

Adam Tester

Passed 1st Time

I am so happy! Thank you very much for all your help and advice. Adam

Becky Fox

Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much for all your help and amazing teaching, you´re awesome! And my housemate Imi is going to book up with you when she turns 17 in April. I´m so thrilled to have passed, first time as well! My life is going to be so much easier now. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I´ll be in touch for Pass-Plus! Becky

Daryll Quick

Passed 1st Time

I started learning to drive in Plymouth. Then we moved to Kent and I had to find a new Driving Instructor. I came across Colin´s website and decided to arrange an assessment drive. Colin told me that I was driving really well but I needed to improve my mirrors and learn the reversing manoeuvres. After about 8 hours of training, Colin suggested that I book a driving test which was very exciting! Then, to my surprise, Colin managed to find me a cancellation and despite being quite nervous I passed 1st time with 4 minor faults. Thank you for teaching me Colin, I´m very grateful for all your help and advice. Daryll

Morris Mitchener

Passed 1st Time

After having driving lessons with Colin, I passed my test within 10 weeks; He is patient, very easy to get along with and always managed to find me an appointment. Colin made me feel safe and confident, he moved me along at a pace which I was comfortable and I am so pleased to have passed my test. He is a very good Driving Instructor and I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to drive! Many Thanks again, Mo.

Luke Hardwick

Passed 1st Time

Wooooo! I passed my test first time last week. Colin Kentish is truly brilliant. He is patient and extremely helpful. Even in the bad lessons! I can´t thank him enough times, thank you so much Colin, you are the best

Lucy Redwood

Passed 1st Time

One of my friends recommended Colin and I´m so glad they did! He´s very patient and explains things very clearly by using his book of diagrams and photo´s. I can honestly say that Colin was always on time for lessons and he made sure that I was never late back to school. I took about 25 lessons in total but I managed to pass my test first time with only 2 minor faults! Thanks a million Colin x

Swan Lim

Thank you for your patience and the clear way that you explained things (even though sometimes it took a while for me to get it!) Good luck to you Colin

Katie Molloy

Colin went at a pace which was perfect for me, he was always patient and made learning to drive enjoyable. He was always ready to answer my never ending questions and happy to concentrate on the things I felt least confident on. Lesson times were flexible and he was always able to fit me in. Although I didn´t pass first time (my nerves got the best of me) Colin renewed my confidence and I passed second time with only 4 minors. I wouldn´t hesitate to recommend him.

Daisy Fearfield

Passed 1st Time

I started driving with a different driving school but I wanted to move at a faster pace once I had learnt the basics. Colin taught me the manoeuvres and I found I could progress quickly with practice outside of lessons. Colin was flexible with lesson content and times of lessons and location of pick up! I enjoyed my lessons and passed first time. Thanks

Jenny Sugden

Passed 1st Time

When I needed to learn to drive for work purposes, I was lucky enough to find Colin. He was very professional, friendly and patient. I never dreaded a driving lesson with Colin (like some of my friends had done with their driving instructors), in fact we got on so well, that I missed my lessons once I had passed my test (1st time!) Thank you so much Colin, I could not have done it without you!

Nicola Bird

I started learning to drive when I lived in London, which was pretty scary at times. Anyway, after we moved out to the countryside, I decided to resume lessons and found Colin on the internet. He´s a very calm and patient Instructor, unlike my previous Instructor who quite often shouted at me when things didn´t go to plan. It took 3 attempts, but I eventually passed my test in Tunbridge Wells. I wouldn´t hesitate to recommend Colin to anyone looking for a really nice Driving Instructor.

Tracey Aldhouse

Having failed my first driving test 7 years ago, I basically gave up! However, we are soon moving to rural Hampshire and a full driving licence will be absolutely essential, so I booked myself another driving test. I´d been practising regularly with my husband, so almost certainly picked-up a few bad habits! I contacted Colin and asked him to assess the standard of my driving. After 8 hours of coaching and a really useful mock driving test, I managed to pass my second test with 9 minor faults. Many thanks for all your help Colin.

Nicola Maier

Colin is a great instructor, he´s incredibly patient and very funny and immediately put me at my ease. I passed my test on the second attempt with only 6 minors and it´s completely down to Colin´s friendly manner and patience in explaining tricky manoeuvres such as a left reverse around a corner! I plan on taking the Pass Plus course within the next few months with him as well. Thank you so much Colin!

Taryn Corcoran

Colin was very patient and understanding, taking the lessons at the right pace for a nervous learner driver like me. He helped me gain confidence in my ability and overcome my fear of learning to drive. Thank you very much

Chrissie Baker

When I first started my lessons I was very nervous, Colin was very patient, and helped me to gain confidence. He is a very friendly person who explained things very well. I was keen to pass my driving test as quickly as I could, Colin was very helpful and reliable with fitting in lessons around my college timetable. After a few lessons in his car, I began to have lessons in my own car which helped me to gain confidence driving it. Within the next few months I plan to do pass plus with Colin too. I Passed my test on my second attempt with only three minors and would recommend Colin as an excellent instructor to everyone.

David Riding

Like some of the others here, I have come to driving quite late (in my thirties) and I think therefore had more than a few nerves and more caution to overcome. Colin was very patient and good at explaining things clearly and effectively. Just as important I can say he always arrived on time and one never got the impression that you were just another student - he was always focused and always remembered at what stage you were at. Colin certainly never did things which I´ve heard other instructors do like texting and taking calls whilst in a lesson! I´d definitely recommend him to other learners of all ages

Christine Stevens

Passed 1st Time

Thank you for your help and support with my lessons and driving test, it really meant a lot to me. You are an excellent driving instructor, thanks again for helping me pass my test on the first attempt!

Louise Sharpe

Passed 1st Time

Moving to London after leaving school meant I never really needed to drive which suited me fine having been in a few scary car accidents. They left me a pretty nervous passenger and I never thought I would become a confident driver. With Colin´s very patient and thorough instruction I really felt ready for my test which I passed first time! It wasn´t easy trying to fit lessons into my busy schedule which involves commuting to London every day, and weekends away but Colin was extremely accommodating and kept me on track and making progress. I couldn´t recommend Colin as an instructor more highly. He is 100% reliable, has patience in abundance and we also managed to have a bit of a laugh which made the lessons enjoyable even when they were hard work. I am so grateful for having met Colin, I think I´m going to miss my lessons!

Martin Thompson

Passed 1st Time

Martin Thompson

After a number of years of on and off learning, at 29 it was time to actually stop messing around and get on with it. I booked up the test and hunted around for an instructor and found Colin! Within a short period of Colin´s guidance I was apparently up to speed (I wasn´t convinced if that was up to the speed limit or knowing everything I needed to know for the test) The test day came and to add more pressure my Examiner was being check tested, so I also had a Supervising Examiner sitting in the back! A scary 40 minutes passed and to my surprise I´d done it, only 1 minor driving fault! Thanks Colin for all your help, I´m sure this would have been a different story without you. Bring on Pass Plus!

Wayne Horton

Wayne Horton

Having already taken and failed my test once, I decided to find another driving instructor, essentially one who could help calm my nerves whilst driving!. After one lesson with Colin I knew I´d found exactly what I was looking and hoping for in an instructor, he made me feel at ease whilst driving, with patience, clear instruction and nerves of steel! I eventually passed my test and am now looking forward to some motorway lessons as soon as I´ve had more practice. I´d recommend Colin as a number one choice to anybody in the area looking for driving lessons.......and he´s also a good laugh!

Dani Payne

Dani Payne

After failing my test twice at the age of 17, I lost confidence that I would ever be able to drive. But 17 years later after having a baby, I realised that I desperately needed to get my license and my independence so I booked a course of lessons with Colin.

Driving did not come naturally to me but Colin was such a good teacher because he explained things clearly (with the help of useful pictures and diagrams), was able to explain things in different ways, not to mention the fact that he was so unbelievably patient! He prepared me well for my test, only putting me in for it when he felt I was ready, and thanks to his help I passed straight away with only 2 minors! Most importantly, after having passed my test I really do feel confident to drive on my own or with my baby in the back, and having my independence is priceless to me - that´s all down to Colin, so thanks very much!

Alexia Delecroix

Passed 1st Time

Well what can I say? I couldn´t have asked for a better instructor than Colin! Eager to start driving as soon as I turned 17, Colin was recommended through a friend and I am so glad he was! I found that he was constantly helpful, kind and unbelievably patient the whole way through. From lesson one he was friendly and taught you every aspect of driving. With his handy folder of visual explanations and his encouraging descriptions of manoeuvres or how to do things, it made understanding and picking everything up much easier. I found I was looking forward to every lesson and was soon labelled as the most enthusiastic learner, and I do believe that I enjoyed it as much as I did due to Colin´s teaching methods and genuine personality! I found that he gave me the confidence in my own driving ability and was reassuringly calm, even on the occasional off-driving day. After about 25 hours of lessons, a check test and a mock test later I passed first time with only 2 minors! I can honestly say that I had such a fantastic driving experience learning with Colin and would without a doubt recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional, reliable and helpful instructor. Colin teaches you not just to pass but to drive safely and confidently, and for that thank you so much!

Lilly Kottsieper

Passed 1st Time

I didn´t start my driving lessons with Colin until after I´d finished school and all of my friends had passed their tests. Needless to say I wanted to learn quickly. Having spent a terrifying half hour in Sainsbury´s car park reversing out of parking bays with my dad I decided learning with parents isn´t such a good idea. Colin was a patient, encouraging and concise teacher. After only 9 hours of lessons I took my first test, both of us knowing it was a bit of a gamble. Amazingly, I passed! Thanks for everything Colin especially the last minute test tips!

Marika Dobosova

Passed 1st Time

I couldn´t wish for a better driving instructor. Colin was always very positive, patient and easy to learn from. He gave me the confidence to go for my second test in just 2 months after starting with him. Happily I passed with just 6 minor faults!

Harry Blackley

Passed 1st Time

I am glad I learnt to drive with Colin, he is a really good instructor. He was very professional, patient and has a good sense of humour. I enjoyed and looked forward to every lesson with Colin and because of him I passed first time. Thanks again Colin

Jill Betsworth

Passed 1st Time

I started learning to drive at the age of 34, unfortunately it didn´t come naturally for me! In fact, when I began lessons with Colin (a year later) I´d had around 60 hours of tuition, and failed one practical test. I was finding it extremely frustrating and had little confidence in my ability.

Colin´s style of teaching really turned this around. He is easy going and calm, and immediately made me adopt a more positive attitude to my driving. He noted my weak points straight away, and focused on these.

We covered a lot in the lessons, and he would follow up with an email debrief, and links to helpful web sites, which I found very useful. His reference material is excellent - very common sense, for example, photos showing reference points in his own car. He also provided me with his own notes on manoeuvres and tips for the test.

After 8 lessons with Colin, I took my test for a second time - and passed! I now plan to take the Pass Plus with Colin, as I enjoyed my lessons with him, and feel this will help make me become a safer and more confident driver for the future

John Crawford

Passed 1st Time

Colin is a warm, funny individual, but his approach to teaching students to drive is very professional. He has a natural talent of putting learner drivers at ease. With the tuition I received from Colin I passed first time (believe me if I can anyone can). Thank you again for all your help mate, I couldn´t have done it otherwise

Nicci Brown

I found Colin a very good instructor. He was patient and able to build my confidence as I had never driven a car before my first lesson. Overall he made driving lessons an enjoyable experience

Jessica Sodergren

Passed 1st Time

I would never have passed my test without you! I started to learn to drive in London as I was living there at the time and took one test after about 5 months which I failed and that really knocked my confidence. When we decided to move to Kent I had to look for a new driving instructor and I found you. You were amazingly calm (which can´t always have been easy in my case). You always explained things properly and I felt I could ask anything. Coming from Sweden where we drive on the right it sometimes was a struggle to get use to driving on the left and there were times when I thought I would never get the hang of it. Now I really enjoy driving and living where we live it makes life a lot easier. I would highly recommend you and thanks again for teaching me how to drive!

Sophie Harrison

Passed 1st Time

When I started learning to drive with Colin I was nervous and quite panicky behind the wheel. Colin very soon got me confident on the road through his unwavering patience and calm. We concentrated on the things I didn´t quite get (like roundabouts!) until I was comfortable with them, and for the tricky manoeuvres Colin gave me reference points on the car to help me judge distances and angles, which I found incredibly useful. I enjoyed every lesson I had with him, and always appreciated the encouragement he gave me, even when I had off-days and got my lefts and rights muddled up! Thank you Colin for being such a good instructor and making it all so easy, and thanks for getting me passed first time with only 2 minors!

Sean Miller

Passed 1st Time

I had previously been practising in my own car with my dad but needed to make sure that I was driving to current test standards. Colin quickly helped me achieve that by offering driving lessons on Sundays which was very convenient. I was really pleased to pass my test 1st time with 7 minor driving faults. My boss was also delighted because I can now drive the works van, which could result in a pay rise!

Sharla Tarrant

I´ve had a number of driving instructors over the years. When I found Colin, I stayed put. He swiftly assessed my strengths, the areas I needed to work upon and bought to life the rules of the road. Add to this the patience of a saint and a liberal dash of good humour. I actually enjoyed the previously tedious process of learning to drive. I´d recommend Colin to anyone, whether taking the wheel for the first time or coming back to driving. Colin did not pay me to say this.


Sara Walter

Passed 1st Time

Colin helped me with weekly lessons on Sundays which was great because I work all week in London and don´t get home until late evening. Initially, I was trained in his school car but then he agreed to take me out in my own car. Colin gave me plenty of encouragement and my confidence soon began to grow. I passed my test with just 2 minor driving faults. Needless to say, I was absolutely over the moon!

Emily Booker

After failing 3 previous driving tests at different test centres in Kent, I found Colin through the internet and decided to take my 4th test in Tunbridge Wells. Following a driving assessment, Colin told me that although I was driving safely, there were areas of weakness in my driving that were letting me down on the driving test. I booked some lessons with Colin and we worked on my weaknesses whilst building local knowledge of the Tunbridge Wells test routes. I found Colin´s advice very helpful and I passed my driving test in Tunbridge Wells with just 3 minor driving faults. Now I can actually drive myself to work, whoopee!

Matthew Tate

Passed 1st Time

I heard about Colin from a friend. I really cannot thank him enough for helping me get through my driving test 1st time, I just couldn´t believe it! He is so patient and explains everything very clearly. I am a bit of a slow learner, but he helped me by sending e-mail debriefs and video demos which helped me grasp where I was going wrong. I would not hesitate to recommend Colin to anyone looking for a really good driving instructor

Abdul Dawood

Patient and understanding, Colin really helped me recognise my strengths and weaknesses then planned ahead to build my confidence up to a stage where I was ready to sit my test. I would recommend him to my friends and any learner driver.

James Locke

Passed 1st Time

I think Colin is a very good instructor for many reasons. At my first lesson I was very nervous because I had never driven a car before but he was able to build my confidence up. He makes sure that you are able enough to do something before teaching you something else, and doesn´t rush anything. When he was teaching me new manoeuvres, he had certain reference points on his car to help me see where the kerb was and when to steer. (e.g. reverse left turn). I had a lot of problems booking my practical test because I kept getting my test cancelled, but he was very understanding and was checking other cancellations everyday to get me a date, which I thought was excellent.

Paul Christophis

Passed 1st Time

When I first met Colin I knew he was going to be good at his job, patient, kind, friendly and co-operative. All the good things that a driving instructor needs. I learned a great deal from him very quickly as he taught me how to drive in the best possible way, which made it easy going and with no draw backs. I cannot fault anything in Colin´s ability to teach someone how to drive out on the road, he is, without a doubt, very good at what he does. The way he handled certain situations with me when I made errors in my driving was superb, he put my faults into perspective and gave me a clear understanding why it was wrong and what I should do to correct and not make that mistake again. Like I said, Colin is very good at his job, and I will gladly recommend him to as many people as I know who are looking to learn how to drive!

Victoria Fryer

Passed 1st Time

I started driving just after my 17th birthday and at first I was unsure on whether I liked driving. I wasn´t very good at first! But Colin gave me the confidence to drive, although it did take me a long time to get on a main road! We took the driving slow but eventually I had enough confidence to drive on the roads and soon I was taking my test. I passed on my first go with only 2 minors.

Clemmie Hain-Cole

Passed 1st Time

I started to learn with Colin a few months after my 17th birthday, having been too scared to get behind the wheel in case I killed something! I was quite a nervous driver as I had never driven at all before, but Colin was very patient with me and despite it taking me 5 lessons to get out onto the actual roads, I passed first time after about 23 hours with Colin. He let me practice and ask for help over and over again about things that I found hard, never getting impatient with my poor parallel parking skills or the fact that I always managed to be in the wrong lane for roundabouts (they still confuse me). What I liked best about learning with Colin was that he was happy to go at my pace, and by the time I took my test he had prepared me really well for it. Overall, I have already, and would again, recommend him as a patient, thorough and friendly instructor.

Olivia Brown

After unsuccessfully learning to drive on and off for a few years I was delighted to finally find in Colin an instructor who was patient and considerate. Moreover, he gave me the self-confidence and motivation to finally go for my test and pass!!! . He never gets impatient and what I found particularly admirable about Colin was that if some aspect of the driving is not coming together for you, he will keep going until he finds a way for you to fully understand it! I highly recommend Colin for anyone learning to drive - a more able and helpful instructor would be hard to find!

Innes Corbezello

Passed 1st Time

Great reliable tuition delivered with expertise and patience. Follow up emails on summary of progress made, and areas that need improvement, helped me focus on areas that I needed to improve on. I would recommend Colin to anyone looking for first class driving tuition.

Julie Willats

Passed 1st Time

I loved learning to drive with Colin. It was relaxed and good fun - plus I passed first time!!!!

Lucy Taylor

Passed 1st Time

Driving lessons with Colin were a blast! I was very nervous when I first started, Id heard lots of stories from my friends about grumpy, growling driving instructors, but Colin immediately put me at ease. He is so calm, very thorough and has the patience of a saint. I was so pleased when I passed my test 1st time with only 4 driving faults. I wouldn´t hesitate to recommend Colin to anyone looking for driving lessons.

Alex Woodard

Passed 1st Time

I started driving lessons at 17 but hated them and started and stopped for several years even though my boyfriend had bought me a car. On learning that my little sister was about to take driving lessons it made me a bit more determined to get rid of my L plates before she did! I contacted Colin for a weeks intensive course. I had two previous instructors and had failed one test. Colin was the best, very professional, lots of patience and with clear and precise instructions. I really enjoyed my lessons with Colin, so much so I passed my test at the end of the week! I had organised my lessons without telling my family and timed the intensive course whilst they were away on holiday. They couldn´t believe it when I told them that I had passed my test whilst they were away and it was greatly due to Colin´s lessons so my sister enrolled with Colin and it was only a short time before she passed too.

Abbey Cast

Thank you very much for your patience and advice! Although I may have been a slow learner you were always very supportive and encouraging. I am enjoying my independence and would recommend you to any hopeful learners. I also got on very well with the car and found it a pleasure to drive!

Kat Tester

I really enjoyed learning with Colin Kentish. He is an extremely efficient driving instructor who managed to get me through my test in just 3 months with both intensive and weekly lessons. The lessons were always catered to my needs, and we moved through the different skills at the perfect pace to suit me. It was great fun along the way as well, and I was glad to have such a cheerful and positive instructor teaching me, who proved that I could do it however much I tried to persuade him that I couldn´t!

Susan Masters

Passed 1st Time

Colin was introduced to me by one of my friends. I had been really unhappy with my previous Driving Instructor because he was always late and got very impatient & angry when things went wrong! I just could not believe how calm, patient & helpful Colin was especially whenever I got in a fluster.

Colin´s a really nice guy and has a good sense of humour, he puts you at ease and driving lessons with him are fun. I passed my driving test first time with only 2 minor driving faults of which I am very proud.

I wouldn´t hesitate to recommend Colin to anyone looking for a really good Driving Instructor.

John Carrigan

Passed 1st Time

Finding the right driving instructor can be a daunting task, but I was very lucky to find Colin Kentish. Colin´s warm and friendly nature struck me right away and put me instantly at ease.

His manner of instruction inspired a relaxed attitude in what can be very tense circumstances. I am used to doing things well in my life and when I made a mistake whilst driving I would beat myself up emotionally, thus causing more mistakes. Colin cured me of this by recognising my problem.

I went on to pass my driving test first time with Colin and I will be forever grateful to him. He is the kind of person you would want to have as a friend even if he were not your driving instructor. I cannot recommend him enough and in a scale of 1 to 10, his instruction has to be a 10.

Joe Upstone

Passed 1st Time

Colin is a patient, friendly and confident Driving Instructor. Each lesson with Colin was structured towards my strengths and weaknesses. Any embarrassing mistakes that I made under pressure, such as stalling at traffic lights! Colin kept calm, supported me and boosted my confidence.

Colin got me through my driving test with two minor driving faults in less than sixteen lessons. I have now been safely driving for eleven months and had no accidents or near misses. Learning with Colin was good fun and I would personally recommend him to any learner driver hoping to pass their test first time!!!!!!

Georgie Woodard

Passed 1st Time

I started lessons as soon as I was 17 with a local instructor who said I would need lots of lessons. Even, after several months I was not taken into a main town for any practise.

My sister recommended that I change to Colin as she found him the best instructor she had ever had. I really wished I had started with Colin from day one and not wasted money or time on my first instructor.

Colin was great and gave me lots of confidence and said it wouldn´t take me long to pass my test. Although I live outside Colin´s pickup area I found it quite beneficial to drive into Tunbridge Wells with my mum as that was the easy bit and could spend most of my lessons on all the town driving where the test is taken.

Colin seems to have a genuine interest in getting you through your test and, at the same time, ensuring that you will be a good and safe driver for life. I really enjoyed my lessons with Colin but they didn´t last very long as he got me through my test first time

Ashley Williams

I started driving lessons with Colin when I was 25 years old, I found Colin to be extremely flexible, and I was able to fit my driving lessons in around my working hours with little effort.

Colin was very patient, understanding yet very thorough. He aided me to breeze through my driving test & was extremely supportive throughout. I had previously experienced 2 other driving instructors, who I found difficult to get on with, However once I started lessons with Colin, driving became more fun and easy to get to grips with.

I would highly recommend giving Colin a ring!!

Felix Danczak

Passed 1st Time

I hugely benefited by being taught by Colin. I began, like all teenagers, thinking that I knew it all, and when it became painfully clear that I didn´t, Colin was good enough not to mock me in my shame! However, he taught me well and I eventually managed to pass my test, second time. Colin was 100% reliable (even when I wasn´t), and was always able to accommodate lessons around the demands of the school day. He was always friendly and easy going - even when confronted with a moody and occasionally angry pupil! Colin was great because he taught me at my own pace - if I didn´t understand something or had trouble, we spent extra time on it. But similarly, if I found something easy, we didn´t hang around and practice for no good reason.

Lastly, I will always be amazed at his time keeping during lessons. I often fitted a driving lesson in before a subject lesson at school, with very little time between the two. But I was never late, not once, regardless how many traffic jams we encountered.

Colin - for not only helping me pass my test - but also making me a good driver - my many many many thanks.

Sophie Armitage

Colin was recommended to me by two of my friends who, like me, were young first time drivers and had greatly benefited from his tuition. Having been unhappy with my previous driving instructor, and having failed one test already, I contacted Colin hoping for new instruction and advice as to where I was going wrong. Not only was he friendly and understanding when I first contacted him, he was prompt and efficient which meant that organising driving lessons around my hectic school schedule was made easy.

His communication throughout my tuition was brilliant and the lesson summaries he sent me via email were really helpful and allowed me to reflect upon my strengths and weaknesses in time for the next lesson. This was something my previous instructor had never done and something that definitely helped my learning. Manoeuvres were explained slowly and clearly every time, no matter if I had heard the instructions tens of times before, and it really helped to have someone who didn´t make you feel stupid just because you didn´t get it first time round. Moreover he was appreciative of how difficult driving can be for new drivers, and my confidence and ability continuously grew as I gained road experience and local knowledge of my test area. I would definitely recommend him without a doubt!
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Becca Lines
08 November 2016 - Becca passed (driving her own car) with only 4 minor driving faults! Well done Becca, that was an excellent result.
Becca Lines

Chloe Bensted
04 January 2016 - Chloe passed with 10 minor driving faults! Well done Chloe, that was a really good and well deserved result.
Chloe Bensted

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